Join me and walk in the footsteps of
Claude Monet
on a journey through The Italian Riviera

My passion for painting art has inspired me to offer a 7 day “Plein air” workshop within this magical location, retracing the footsteps of Monet.

Visit the unique painting sites of the Ligurian Riviera all belonging to ''I Borghi più belli d'Italia'' : Alassio, Laigueglia, Colla Micheri, Cervo, Albenga, Villanova d’Albenga, Zuccarello, Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, Verezzi, Finalborgo, Varigotti, Noli and Dolceacqua.

Painting Itinerary 2018

Tour and paint the medieval towns and villages in the surrounding areas; visit bustling resorts and historic sites. Lose yourself in breathtaking seaside and blooming hillside scenery; share your experiences with other artists over aperitifs, and finish the day with fantastic food and wines, in a typical Ligurian restaurant.

Together we will capture the light of seascapes and hillside landscapes in brilliant colour at this beautiful getaway location. Experience excursions of interest; taste memorable meals in the peace and serenity of the Italian Riviera. We will paint, relax, eat, drink, all at your own pace.

Level of experience: All levels of experience are welcome. If you are a beginner, I'm fluent in English and I can assist you in the fundamentals of painting. Non painters are also welcome.

What to take with you for painting: your French box easel, your favourite colors and medium, your favourite brushes or palette knives. If you own something like this you have all you need! I will provide any new canvas you need, solvent and paper towels.

Climate: You are welcome to visit any time of the year. The coldest months (not recommended for painting in open air) are from December to March. From July 10th until August 20th the weather is extremely hot and very crowded. April, May, June, September and October are fantastic!

Airports: Alassio is situated between Nice and Genoa airports (the flight is NOT included in the price).

Accommodation: Is situated in Alassio town and you can choose from a five, four or even three star hotel. Choose from,, or anyone else you prefer.

What’s included: round trip transport from the airports, seven night’s lodging (single or shared occupancy), seven breakfasts, six dinners, transport and excursions to unique painting sites, basic beverage and sandwiches during painting time.

Contact me!
This will be a typical schedule of our days together:
  • 8:30 AM - Breakfast at your hotel
  • 9:30 AM - Meet and travel to our painting site (about half an hour a day*)
  • 10:00 AM - Painting time ... in unique painting sites ... at your own pace. During those 5 hours I will provide basic beverages, sandwiches or local "focaccia"
  • 3:00 PM - Visit interesting villages or sites, this will vary daily
  • 5:00 PM - Free time
  • 8:00 PM - Dinner in a different restaurant every evening
  • 11:00 PM - Return to your hotel.
Excursions can be chosen daily depending on your choice.
On Sunday you will have free time from 3:00 to 8:00 PM.
*(Dolceacqua is the only place where it will take a longer time to drive to, about an hour).
Alassio is in a privileged position for excursions. I can plan for you, or non painters, a week of visiting every day a different unforgettable resort. Note: excursions are available only from June to September and are NOT included in the price.
  • Tuesday: Genoa, Rapallo, Portofino (by bus and boat)
  • Wednesday: Monaco - Monte Carlo (by bus)
  • Thursday: Cinque Terre - Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore (by bus and boat)
  • Friday: Nice- Cannes (by bus) or Corse (by bus and ship)
Alassio can be explored any day with its 3 miles of “white natural sand” beach; the shopping experience in the ''Budello'' of boutique and shoe shops; lovely restaurants, bars and ice cream shops; the beautiful Tennis Club in Liberty styleand only a 10 minute drive from Alassio the Garlenda Golf Club.
I will take you around our beautiful seaside resorts and magnificent villages on the hills. We will have meals together and I expect you "to try" our well known Italian food and wines. Of course I could find for you "hamburgers, hot dogs and chips" but, I beg you at least, to try something ... on my opinion ... unforgettable! On the following link is my guide to food and wines: My suggestions to enjoy your food in Italy.
Unlike other Web Sites where painting Workshops are offered, here is no need to decide an arrival calendar at a specific date.
This is possible because your tutor and guide lives in this part of the Riviera all year long.
You could arrive any day and spend your week with us! If a group will have already started some days before your arrival, you will join the rest of the group because, every day, we will visit a different painting site anyway.
For this reason groups will always be small and your tutor will give you a lot of individual attention.
A week, all at your own pace, will be essential to achieve your goals.
At some period of the year it may happen you will be the only person in the group. In this case we could decide together to customize your itinerary.
The price will depend on the hotel category you will choose and the period of the year you visit. Let me know and I will book it for you.
If you decide, instead, to book the hotel on your own, the week will cost you € 1.400 each person, painter or non painter.
All restaurants are included with as much "house wine" (vino della casa) as you can drink.
Special wines or spirits are NOT included.
It is strongly recommended a "Travel insurance" (NOT included)!

Claude Monet and the Italian Riviera

"Everything is wonderful, and every day the countryside is more beautiful, and I am bewitched by the country.
Here everything is beautiful and the weather is superb", wrote Claude Monet in 1884 to his friend and gallery owner Durand-Ruel.

Claude Monet and one his painting in Italian Riviera

Claude Monet had been in the Italian Riviera for nearly three months. He arrived on January the 18th,1884 and left on April the 3rd.

During this period he made 38 paintings.

These 79 days, represented for Monet, an inexhaustible source of inspiration, and for the “Italian Riviera” the memory of an indelible passage, made eternal by the paintings in which the artist painted the medieval villages he visited in those memorable days for him:

“We have made a wonderful excursion. We left in a carriage early and we reached an extraordinarily picturesque village. I was intent to return to my hotel on foot along a hill ... unfortunately I will never tell the wonders I saw during the return through the paintings because of the difficulties that I should face to return to paint”.

In this case, Monet was wrong, because his memory convinced him to leave an imprint and, the painting “The bridge and the castle of Dolceacqua”, remains one of the most celebrated in the history of Impressionism.

Today a traveler, following in the footsteps of Monet, would remain struck by one circumstance: the world which had impressed the imagination and the heart of Claude Monet, had not changed.

Monet was entranced by the “blue sea”, the exotic palms and the exuberant vegetation.

Maybe too much: “I would like to make oranges and lemons that stand out against the blue sea, I cannot find them as I want. As for the blue of the sea and the sky ... it is impossible”.

About Me


Hi, my name is Ruggero Ruggieri and I was born and have lived in the beautiful Italian Riviera, Alassio, all my life. I'm fluent in English, and I will be your tutor and guide in these Workshops. I will lead you to know and paint magnificent places full of light, history, traditions, cuisine and wines.

About my job

I have been "a teacher" all my life, at a very young age I taught as a swimming instructor and presently I am a computer science tutor for private Companies and high schools. I am a graphic designer, software and Web developer (the web site you are browsing has been made by myself).

My passions

I love paint art, especially the work of "Impressionists". I am passionate about travelling all over the world and meeting new people. I am "a traveller", not really "a tourist". I love history, archeology, adventures and cooking.

My style as an artist

As an artist I am known for my passion to experiment with new colour effects, and combine them in an original and balanced way. My use of light and colour complement each other and seek chromaticism.

How I started

I began my love of paint art at a young age when I won an art contest for all school pupils, I was 12 years old! That artwork was of a carafe and two glasses in watercolor ... already a little "futurist" for the time! My family weren’t surprised about my success as the passion of art ran in my veins, as my grandfather’s brother, Salvatore Murra, and 2 of his sons Enzo Murra and Raffaele Murra, were artists and art restorers in churches.

My wife encouraged me back to paint

I knew all my life I had the ability to paint. I retold the story of the artwork contest at school to my wife and, as a birthday present, she brought me some oil colours, a small easel, one brush and a palette knife. So the journey continued ...